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I used to have positive feelings toward Will Shortz.
But now I have only cross words for him.

Independent of the above statement, in this blog I try (and sometimes fail) to do the New York Times Crossword and the Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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I didn’t always hate Will Shortz. I used to look forward to Weekend Edition on NPR to hear the Sunday Puzzle. I’d submit answers regularly to the weekly puzzles but never got picked to play on the air. I was fine with that. But shortly after I turned 18, I thought of my own puzzle and eagerly submitted it on September 29, 2006. I got a reply within a week that stated that they’d received it, and therefore it was property of Will Shortz. I felt that was fine because he credits people on the air. If they use it, my name will be attached to it. After a little more than four years of silence about it, I heard my submission on the radio–altered negligibly. The good thing was that he didn’t mispronounce my last name. The bad thing was that he didn’t say my name at all.
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