WSJ Crossword 7-14-20 (7-17-20)

Well I now realize that the Wall Street Journal does not have a crossword on Fridays, so I’m going to start doing past puzzles for Friday entries. Today I did the Tuesday puzzle from this week. Clearly the WSJ puzzles and the NYT puzzles use a different logic, and that makes the WSJ puzzles kind of annoying. But it’s an eyeroll kind of annoying, not an ongoing bitterness like I have toward Will Shortz whose injustice toward me personally was unconscionable.

I finished in 22:05.

I thought it was a cool theme to have trees spelled upward. When I caught on to that, I filled out most of the puzzle no problem. Because I know about trees. And Will Shortz knows I know about trees. He took my trees. So mad.

As someone who is doing New York puzzles in LA, there are some clues I struggle with because they’re not part of my daily life. In this case, TRAIN RIDE was an answer I didn’t get until the end because I had it filled out as TRAIN LINE. I knew it must have something to do with trains, and it did.

I’ll probably get faster at the WSJ ones as I get used to how they’re written.

Have a great weekend!

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