WSJ Crossword 7-6-20 (7-18-20) Complete

So as I said in yesterday’s post, I do the Saturday NYT Crossword Puzzles with a group of friends, so I won’t be doing them here. Instead, I’m doing old WSJ puzzles to get the hang of how they’re written. This one is from Monday, July 6 of this year.

And it was pretty easy.

I keep having to change the settings to make it skip the squares that are filled in already, but that’s how it goes. The Wall Street Journal didn’t even have a crossword that wasn’t only on Thursdays until recently. If anyone wants to post comments to tell me exactly when that ended, please go right ahead.

I had to make some corrections to this puzzle as I continued through it. Originally I had FLINT as the answer to 9 Fire Starter, but it was SPARK instead. Fine. My answer wasn’t wrong, but it didn’t fit, so if that makes it wrong, it was wrong. Not gonna waste time arguing about that.

The clues and answers are very straightforward, and I don’t know exactly how I feel about that. Mostly unsatisfied, I guess. But Mondays are Mondays. Finished in 9:41.

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