WSJ Crossword 7-20-20 Complete

Manic Monday to the max! NYT Crossword 6:26, but WSJ Crossword in just 5:57. That’s way faster than my earlier normal of a little more than 9 minutes for a Wall Street Journal Monday. Did it take telling my finacee that I was on a roll and would be with her shortly? The better question is: Was it worth it?


Now, the downside of finishing the crossword so quickly is that now I’m done with my two crosswords a day. It’s like being good at golf or bowling. If you are good at golf, you hit the ball fewer times and walk a much shorter distance. If you are good at bowling, you get fewer rolls in during a game. Of course, I took bowling and golf (twice!) as classes in college, so it’s very easy to conclude that I have shoes for each sport. Unfortunately, the shoes I got for bowling are resting in the dark because covid’s not over. Even less fortunately, my first pair of golf shoes–the Adidas Samba Golf shoes in royal blue–were stolen from my car a couple years ago.

I loved those shoes so much I brought them with me when I went to St Andrews, Scotland in 2014. (Side note: I had so much hair then!)

The weirder thing for me in this puzzle is the number of places that I can find RAAB, including my sister’s name LAUREN RAAB (

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