NYT Crossword 7-24-20 DNF

Back to not finishing, but at least I got close. That upper right side plagued me for a long time. I just don’t know the answers.

The puzzle itself was kinda daunting because of all the open area, but it wasn’t so bad, save for that part that I couldn’t do that prevented me from finishing it. In reality, I don’t even know for certain that what I filled out is even correct, but I’m leaving it as it is so I can go back and finish the ones I couldn’t do.

And regarding 41A Often-counterfeited boots, a friend of mine told me about receiving a pair of counterfeit UGGS as a present and how they were almost pretty good, but it can’t beat a keen eye for sure.

Here’s a reminder that I’m not going to be doing the Saturday NYT crossword because I do that with friends, but I’ll post other puzzles.

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