NYT Crossword 7-26-20 Complete

Another Sunday in a row, but it took me a long time. Sunday puzzles aren’t necessarily the hardest, but they’re just so lengthy. I think my favorite clue of this puzzle was 106A Where spaghetti and orzo rank in terms of their suitability for making necklaces? BELOWMACARONI. It’s true! You can’t really make those into necklaces.

Speaking of pasta:
On an early date with my now-fiancee, we made pasta from scratch together. It really isn’t that hard. Ingredients are just flour, egg, and salt. Some people say only to work the dough with hands while other people say that it’s totally fine to use a Cuisinart. Since this was an early date, Cuisinart it was! I can tell no difference in the quality, so I recommend that method. I have a pasta roller and some cutter attachments for my KitchenAid, so we were set once the dough had rested in a fridge for a little while.

I recommend that everyone who can eat pasta at least tries to make pasta from scratch once. During the COVID era, you’ve got the time, and it is even cheaper than getting dried pasta from the store.

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