NYT Crossword Special May 2020 Intl Day of Pink Complete

What is the International Day of Pink?

I didn’t know what it was before doing this crossword.

International Day of Pink has one purpose, to create a more inclusive and diverse world. We do this by encouraging young people to challenge social norms, ask more of their educators, and stand up against bullying towards their 2SLGBTQIA+ peers. Over the years we have worked with countless educators, politicians and organizations around Canada to spread this message and create young activists for this mission. We hope to continue this work and reach more communities with every passing year. We can only do this with your support and involvement.

Well, cool. I’m against bullying. Good on NYT for raising awareness!

This puzzle was the second puzzle I did today that has Molly Ivins as an answer. I didn’t know her name until today, either. The puzzle took me longer than I’d wanted it to, but I struggled with other answers, too, until finally I got them all. Total time was 17:27.

Back to Monday tomorrow.

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