NYT Crossword 7-30-20 Complete

Well that was way easier than I thought it was going to be. The clues were linked, so once I got the hang of it, it kinda filled itself out.

But that also means I was kind of disappointed! I looked forward to struggling with the Thursday puzzle. The Spelling Bee today also was underwhelming. It took very few words to get to the genius level.

The clue I have a story about is 5D Rental availability sign: TOLET.

I took a trip in the summer of 2014 (you know, when travel was a thing) that included some days in London. I saw a bunch of TO LET signs, and that was new to me because signs I’d seen around LA were SPACE AVAILABLE or FOR RENT. But no TO LET.

So I had a good time seeing the signs with lampposts in the space between the two words.

A London street with a lamppost that makes the TO LET sign look like TOILET
It looks like TOILET!

This has been a clue more than once so far in the last couple weeks, I think, but I figured it was worth sharing the story about it today.

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