WSJ Spelling Bee 8-2-20 final

Wow. This one. Wow.

I was chugging along no problem, but the pangram eluded me. As I have been doing daily, I checked in with my sister ( to see how she’d been handling today’s puzzle.

She assured me that I could resolve my pangram issues, and she revealed that there are TWO of them.


So I kept going and found the first one before finally passing out. I’d get the second in the morning.

Maybe I wouldn’t, but for sure there’d still be a way to get to genius level, right?

I couldn’t find that way and couldn’t find the other pangram. So I was stuck on awesome.

I looked and looked.


I thought I was stuck with how I had felt these past many days: INVINCIBLE.

After what seemed like unreasonable struggle, I realized that if there an invincible, shouldn’t there be a vincible?

There is.

Second pangram.

Genius level.

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