Lou DeJoy (of no man’s desiring)

It’s day five of no update from USPS and day six of it being late. It’s day nine since it entered the system in San Diego. Keep in mind we’re talking about travel distance of about 140 miles. Los Angeles is the biggest city in California, and San Diego is the second-biggest city in California. This is not going from Hemet, CA to Weed, CA.

So why is this happening?

Voter suppression!

Of course voter suppression.

I had started writing this post yesterday but felt I needed to do some more research into this guy. We know something has gone unusually awry because it’s bad enough for an investigation into the mail.

Not only does Louis DeJoy deny that he’s doing it to suppress votes despite being a big donor to the campaign of Donald Trump–the guy who has made a point to dunk on the USPS at every opportunity–he says following:

“Rather than sensationalizing isolated, operational incidents that I acknowledge can occur and have always occurred in a business of our size and scope, or attempting to impose unfunded mandates unrelated to any postal policies, I ask members of Congress to take action on this one legislative burdensome issue that will actually make a difference,” DeJoy said.

Sensationalizing? Isolated incidents?

Family members have told me about prescriptions lost in the mail. Friends have laughed about postcards that may never arrive. I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY TIRES.

But it’s OK because they are fully equipped to handle all election mail no problem. Because I guess it’s Opposite Day.

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