Lou DeJoy of No Man’s Desiring 8-13-20

So much has happened since my post on Tuesday!

(If you’re just tuning in, check out the other items in the Louis DeJoy category of my blog.)

For starters, I got an update yesterday that the tires that are still on their way from San Diego finally got to a Los Angeles big distribution area. It was still in the IN TRANSIT category and not yet OUT FOR DELIVERY, but at least it had progressed.

Today the status is OUT FOR DELIVERY. It should arrive before 8pm, they say. We’ll find out if that happens.

Meanwhile, yesterday the Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform introduced a new act to end the “Make America Late Again” motto the Postal Service has come to adopt under Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.


The Delivering for America Act, once passed, would do a hard reset of the rules to how they were on January 1 of this year. Overtime would be back. Postal workers would not have the option to speed up their routes by leaving annoying (bicycle tires?) or heavy (stationary bike cranks and pedals I sold on eBay months ago?) packages on the loading dock.

Thank you, Carolyn B. Maloney for introducing that!

The text itself is shockingly short. The length of the Delivering for America Act is only 298 words, and what you’ve read through the end of this sentence is 241 words.

The document also is dated August 10, so from me, directly to you, Congresswoman Maloney, hello, and thank you for being a dedicated reader of my blog.

For everyone reading this, please make noise! Tell the government you’re fed up with this. Louis DeJoy has got to go. We need our mail as much as ever. We need infrastructure to process our ballots. We need our postal workers to be taken care of so they don’t leave.

Find your elected officials here and contact them!

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