NYT Spelling Bee 8-17-20 final

And to think I was going to quit! I had been stuck awhile, but then my sister (twitter.com/raablauren) sent me a screenshot that she had finished the puzzle today.

The only thing I quit was quitting.

I got close with TIBIAL. Finally, I got PANINI for the win. Cutting it fine with less than an hour to go.

My final was 43 words for 173 points.

Lauren’s score when she sent it to me was 43 words for 173 points.

It’s going to be a fun tomorrow because we’ll each get to see how we got the same score but probably didn’t miss all the same words.

The puzzle folks don’t seem to care for TALIT/TALLIT. But I can shrug that off.

New puzzle starts soon.

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