NYT Spelling Bee 8-20-20

Looks like a lot of people enjoyed my Spelling Bee-related pun tweets today. Of course I’m only guessing because I had better still be soundly asleep when this posts.

(My left delt is way uncomfortable from what the Brits call a flu jab. As you laugh along at that name, it’s fun to remember: WeWonTheRevolution.com. But it makes me wonder if Jose Altuve has just been using this vaccine on the regular, misguidedly thinking it’s the shot in the arm he needs to stop looking like a semipro this season. #houstonasterisks)

Well this one went pretty quick. It’s now about 12:30am PT, but I’m scheduling this post for 8:20am ET because it would be long buried by the time people wake up if I were to post it now.

I thought the minimum of 176 to get to genius was super daunting. Last week I was complaining about how I missed the long puzzles. And as Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. put it so eloquently: “Nelly talk, city listen.” But these have seemed like this heat wave we’ve been having in LA: It’s a struggle throughout the day, and it seems like it will never end.

The omissions of LEDE and DELE were glaring. They seem to accept a group of proper nouns, and I thought that HUBBLE would be in that space.

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