I had a good birthday!

It was a real surprise to me because I had been dreading it. I miss being around people. A birthday during covid can feel as lonely as when you give a clue in Codenames that you realize a moment too late is severely flawed.

I was saved from that.

My folks, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my fiancee joined forces to create a Floor Is Lava-type obstacle course at home. It clearly took a lot of work and many days to prepare.

And they all kept it a secret from me.

It was a way I got to feel like I was surrounded by family in a time when social distancing prohibits contact.

I still can’t believe it’s coming up on six months since I’ve even hugged anyone other than my fiancee. Wow. Bummer. Soooo enough of that for now.

To know that they collaborated to make this happen was amazing, and while I went it alone on the obstacle course while Calah captured my progress on video, it was a needed boost in feeling cared for.

And when I finished the course, I was met with a cameo from the Floor Is Lava host, Rutledge Wood.

Later, Calah and I watched Duck, You Sucker! It was the first time either of us had seen it, and it was a great choice. Like many Westerns, you have to give it a little time to pick up speed. It has no James Bond-style open. But it builds and builds.

Today was way, way more fun than I’d expected when I went to sleep last night.

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