NYT Spelling Bee 9-26-20 final

I just cannot seem to push this one over the edge, so it looks like I’ll fall short of genius tonight.

I’m irritated more than ever by an omission: NEOLOGY. You know, making new words–the thing we all do when we play the NYT Spelling Bee. If enough of mine had worked tonight, I would have gotten to genius level. Too bad I’m not that convincing.

Yesterday’s misses by me were few.

COOLDOWN: I’ve just learned that this is a compound word.
ENOW: It means enough? This ranks a double-AYFKM on the reasonable-to-Will-Shortz scale.
LOCOWEED: A plant that is super bad times for farmers to the tune of $300 MILLION A YEAR. For animals, it starts out kinda just growing there that makes it worth chewing at, but then they develop a taste for it. Then it kills them. Bummer.
WEDDED: I’m going to get some grief from my fiancee for missing this one.

Likely final score for today: 44 words for 168 points. Genius minimum is 179.

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