NYT Spelling Bee 9-27-20 final

I thought I wouldn’t get this done before Yom Kippur started, but I have!

It was a long puzzle, and I found two anagrams. There may have been more.

Yesterday’s misses:
AEON: Just a stupid way of spelling EON. Ridiculous.
AGELONG: Shorter than an AEON, but also longer than AEON.
GALLEON: I missed this? That’s some ship!
GALLON: Embarrassed.
LLANO: I’m learning all kinds of botany from this game. That’s plain to see.
LOAN: Ugh.
LOLLYGAG: Pretty sure I’ve missed this before, which is a shame because it means dillydally–the point of this game.
LOYAL: My financee is going to give me some real side-eye when she reads this part of the post.
NEON: Or she’ll take the noble position and let it slide.
NYLON: Sheer error.
OENOLOGY: Sure, wine not?
OGEE: It’s a good counter point.
ONLAY: A dental thing you can read about here that I don’t care to because dental things make me cringe.
OOLONG: I don’t care for tea, and that’s a good thing because tea prices are rising like crazy right now.

Wow, that’s a lot of missed words. So many chances to make it to genius level.

Today, final score: 47 words for 183 points.

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