NYT Spelling Bee 9-28-20 final

OK so I made it through the entire fast of Yom Kippur. More than 25 hours with no food and no water. Got to the Spelling Bee about an hour and a half ago, but my mind has been elsewhere as I recover (and as my fiancee bears with me as I recover).

I keep having to remember to drink water. But I’d been actively avoiding it, so now :/.

I got to genius level tonight and decided to quit. But yesterday I missed a bunch, and now it’s time to find out what was dumb, what was reasonable, and what was outrageous.

ADOBO: Apparently the unofficial dish of the Philippines. I will find out if friends of mine agree. Please tell me if you have info in this area, too.
BALLADRY: Not unreasonably, my first read of this word made me think it had to do with a necessary move after a shower, but on second glance, clearly it’s a collection of ballads. I did not know this word before, now I ought to remember it from the giggling.
BALLYARD: I have NEVER heard this word before. It’s a synonym of ballpark. Ballpark does not have a red squiggly under it, but ballyard does. This rates as a triple-frownie on the reasonable-Will Shortz scale.
BAOBAB: We’re back to trees I hadn’t heard of! But I don’t even know what to do with myself after seeing what this one looks like.

I don’t know the scale, but does it really matter? This is the Fony Baobab tree, but it’s all real.

BODYBOARD: I had one of these growing up. I think it’s still in the garage. Now I miss the beach. Stupid covid.
BYROAD: I just don’t use this word. I say side street like a normal human being.
LARBOARD: it means port. Not starboard.
LOBLOLLY: Sounds too much like Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog, but it turns out it’s yet another tree I hadn’t known existed.
ROLLBAR: I probably should have gotten this one, but I don’t fault myself for omitting it.

Tonight’s final is 24 words for 116 points. Genius minimum is 113.

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