NYT Spelling Bee 10-1-20

I know I’m not going to get any more work done on this puzzle after the news came out that Donald Trump tested positive for COVID. So here’s are yesterday’s misses and then today’s final score.

Also welcome to October!

CELLI: Plural of cello? Really? Stupid.
CIVET: This African cat↓

COEVOLVE: Two things influence each other for a (better?) change in both. Like what happens in a healthy relationship.
COLIC: That one hurts.
COLLIE: I know, Calah. Shame on me for not thinking about dogs.
ELECTEE: At this point, what/when does that even mean?
EVICTEE: Some real sad stuff going on these days with this one.
OCOTILLO: More botany! I didn’t get this one because I know it by some of its other names such as Flaming Sword, Jacob’s Staff, Desert Coral, Candlewood, Vine Cactus, and Coachwhip.
OLEIC: The FDA says this acid in edible fats can save. your. life.

For today’s crazy long puzzle, I’m glad I got to genius before Trump decided to quarantine. Some are saying he just really wanted out of the other debates. I don’t know if it’s true, but some people are saying it.

I still want zero people to get sick from COVID. I would be married by now if COVID hadn’t delayed EVERYTHING.

Minimum for GREAT was 135 points. Genius: 236. I don’t remember that score ever in my time of doing this puzzle. When I saw it, I didn’t even know how many words it would take to get there.

Turns out it took me 49 words to get 254 points.

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