NYT Spelling Bee 10-5-20 final

I got to genius level for this puzzle shortly after it dropped almost 24 hours ago. It looked like I’d have a shot at Queen Bee. Now, like Donald Trump’s shot to leave a legacy of finally uniting the country after getting sick from coronavirus, that hope has ended.

But let’s look at what I missed yesterday first.

ANTITOXIN: This is new to me, but it makes sense that it exists.
ATAXIA: I’ll soon find out if Calah got this one, now that she can do the Spelling Bee.
ATTAINT: Something I recently learned is that Patrick Henry (of “give me liberty or give me death!” fame) wasn’t just known for being the firebrand of the Revolution but also the one who ordered the execution of a dude without a jury trial. And if you’re willing to read two score and five pages.
INITIATION: Don’t even get me started!
INTO: :/
IOTA: Sad.
NATANT: Etymology of this word is unexpected.
ONTO: :\
TANNIN: My vintner great uncle would be mad.
TOXIN: I could have sworn I got this one.

Today’s final score: 24 words for 114 points where the genius minimum was 83.

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