NYT Spelling Bee 10-7-20

I keep thinking my next word will lead me to Queen Bee level, but I’ve run out of next words and still nil. So this post will focus on yesterday’s misses.

FOGY: Oh. This is how the old person word is spelled? In my mind it was FOGIE. Oh well.
GOGGLY: I disagree that this is a word. OED agrees. M-W redirects to GOGGLE with goggly all the way at the bottom as the adjective form of goggle. I don’t even know how I’d use that in a sentence. Absurd. On the my-fault to give-me-a-break! scale, this gets eight Will Shortzes.
GOLF: I miss golf. And I missed golf. Here you can watch people watch golf.

Seems like there are reasons to wear a beer-dispensing plastic helmet while watching.

GROGGILY: I got GROGGY but not this :/
IGLOO: Silly.
LOGROLL: I don’t fault myself for missing this one. And by missing it, I got to watch this and share it:

This is amazing.

LOGY: Means sluggish, groggy? News to me.
YOGI: Namaste.

I really hope I can close out today’s puzzle. I wish the last word had been DUDETTE, but let’s get out the vote and be the change we want to see.

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