First blog post ever

I don’t even know how many people are going to be reading this, but I was convinced by my fiancé that I should give it a go…so…here is my first blog post. Ever.

I suppose I should introduce myself first: Hello internet. My name is Calah (pronounced like Kayla). I am engaged to Matt. I am currently studying for my dual MSN and DNP degrees for my AG-ACNP license (nurse practitioner).

In case you’d like to see me figure out how to operate a Twitter account, you can click here .

Also thanks to Matt, I have recently started working on the NYT Spelling Bee (he has a lot of good ideas). I’m not very good at it, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun with it (double negative FTW). For example:

I had a good laugh with this one. I also got Matt to chuckle, so I’d call this a win.

Or this:

Then there are times when my medical training helps me pick out some real words, but they aren’t accepted. THE NERVE!

They DID accept aorta, so I wasn’t THAT mad…

Or this:

This is the acidic-enzymatic-partially digested food bolus that moves from your stomach into your duodenum (small intestine). Yummy.

Since I have started working on the Spelling Bee, I have yet to find more than 22 words. I feel like I should be better at this?

I’m finding that I am more entertained with making ridiculous words up or finding medical terminology…maybe that’s what I’ll share here from time to time?

Have a good night internet.

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