NYT Spelling Bee 10-18-20 final

This puzzle was… fine. I barely got to genius, but I got there. I feel like there’s a third pangram, but also I don’t. How’s that for being conclusive?

Here’s what went wrong yesterday:

HALE: strong and healthy… if you’re an old person.
HEMAL: relating to blood. You know, like hematoma.
HEME: More blood stuff!
LECH: lust
LEECH: I thought I’d gotten this one. I know I got LEACH, but I thought I got LEECH, too. NOPE!
MAYHEM: That reminds me! I should watch Sons of Anarchy all the way through, right?
YECCH: On a scale of logical to go-away-and-never-come-back, this rates six Will Shortzes.
YECH: The above word but spelled the way a normal human being would spell it.

Today I found two pangrams. Is there a third? I don’t know. We may never know. I took a break partway through the day and found the second pangram immediately upon returning.

Final score: 43 words for 183 points
First word: PARANOID, and I don’t know what it means for me that I found that word well before I found RAINDROP.

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