NYT Spelling Bee 10-24-20 final

Another short one but not as short as they get. While I roll my eyes at these types, Calah says she likes them better.

And now for yesterday’s misses!

CHICHI: Oh that’s how this word is spelled?! Like posh, though that’s such a chringy word.
COHO: Like the salmon.
HOOK: I liked LAWYARRRR but didn’t choose hook.
PHOTIC: Ah. Relating to light. OK.
PHOTOPIC: Relating to looking at things in daylight. But also it would be a great puzzle about words that are synonyms when split apart. I’d recommend this to Will Shortz, but there’s better chance that Kenley Jansen makes the proper pitch (i.e. one not in the strike zone) at the end of tonight’s game than it is that I’ll recommend anything to that guy again. But, yeah, PHOTO and PIC are synonyms.
POTHOOK: Calah initially said that that was unfair until I pointed out that I had recently purchased some pothooks to hang the lids of the sets of pots and pans.

I had some breakthroughs as I went along tonight and ended up past genius. I decided to call it quits so I could write this post rather than run out of time and not get to Queen Bee anyway.

Final score: 29 words for 101 points
First word: VULPINE
Pangram: VULPINE

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