NYT Spelling Bee 10-29-20 final

Getting more toward normal, but genius minimum still is about 60 points too high. Sure, it’s better than 100 points too high, but when I got more than 50 words to get to that minimum, that’s kinda unreasonable. I’ve heard Calah lament that it’s tough to want to do the Spelling Bee when you know you’re just going to have to spend a long time on it and there’s so much competing for that time. Suffice it to say that I’m glad I’m not the one in a doctorate program.

So this is what I didn’t get yesterday.

DENTIN: The layer of tooth underneath the enamel. Who knew? Probably Calah knew.
EDIT: Sometimes not enough is far too much.
EDITED: Didn’t get it then, either.
EFFETE: Not the first time for me.
EVENTIDE: Fancy word for evening.
FETID: Mad stank.
IDENTIFIED: Wow. I hadn’t recognized this one.


TIDIED: Color Calah surprised that this wasn’t one I found.


So a bunch I could have gotten, but I got to genius, and I’m OK to have stopped there.

Just like today.

Final score: 51 words for 196 points
Genius minimum: 193 points
Pangram: TOWLINE
First word: ONION
Fun omission: InItToWinIt

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