So much has happened since I wrote this post, right?

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Here are some thoughts from Friday afternoon but posted Saturday at 10am.

I have a clock that was given by my dad to his parents before the turn of the century. There’s no screen that goes all the way across; rather, there’s an arm that has some dots on it, and it moves back and forth. Persistence of vision makes it look like the display is there to read without issue.

I got this clock after they passed.

There is no daylight saving time setting on the clock because it just goes off the date.

And now I realize that the iHome I used to have made me flip a switch. So lame.

But there’s a problem that I hadn’t expected to run into with this clock or, really, ever.

The clock’s earliest date available is January 1, 1999, so we know this model was first sold in 1999. Back then, daylight saving time ended the weekend before Halloween.

Ever since 2007, DST has ended the weekend after Halloween.

So for this week, the clock has been an hour behind. Fall back happened too early.

It’s been a little jarring, but starting in the early hours, it’ll be back on track.

It’s a little after 4pm PDT on Friday right now. I hope things have gone well since then. I expect there to have been some developments since, but I’m hoping it’s uneventful.



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