NYT Spelling Bee 11-3-20 final

Setting aside the madness going on tonight with Trump declaring himself the victor at least twice with tens of millions of ballots left to be counted, we had a spelling bee to work on today.

It was a short puzzle today, but it was tricky.

Yesterday’s puzzle had a bunch I should have gotten: COCONUT, COOT, CUTOUT, INTO, INTUIT, MINT, MUNITION, OMIT, ONTO, TUNIC, UNTO.

There were a couple I knew but didn’t think to think of: MONOTONIC, MUNITION.

But there were two new to me:

TINCT: Tint?!??!?!?!?
TOMTIT: A popular(?!) name for any of a number of small active songbirds.

Today I made genius level somehow. I can’t really even with this one tonight.

Final score: 21 words for 102 points.
Genius minimum: 95
First word: YEAH
Pangram: CHANTEY (variant of shanty)
Missed opportunities: YEET, CHYEAH, NYET

Hope for good things in the morning. Love you all.

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