NYT Spelling Bee 11-4-20 final

What a wild ride this day has been! I mean this puzzle has been. It started off looking pretty simple. I mean 97 points for genius and an R in the middle. What could go wrong?

I tried and failed over and over at getting the pangram. More on that later.

Yesterday I missed only one word I feel I should have gotten: CATTY.

Then there were eyeroll words: TECHY, YECCH, YENTE (with an E rather than with an A).

And finally the words that are new:
EYETEETH: Canines in the upper jaw?! Give me a break.
TETCHY: Touchy?!?!

All kinds of silliness.

I kept working on today’s pangram. I could not figure it out. I got some long words but came up short over and over.

Until I got one. And then another.

Final score: 23 words for 105 points.
Genius minimum: 97 points.
First word: CHAIR
Pangrams: ARCHRIVAL (first), ARCHIVAL (a little while later).
Glaring omissions VARIAL.

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