NYT Spelling Bee 11-5-20 final

Finally a puzzle with a low-medium genius threshold. It took me scores of words to get to genius, but at least it wasn’t 270 points.

Review of yesterday!

There was a THIRD pangram! Whatttttt. A short puzzle with three pangrams. ARCHIVAL, ARCHRIVAL, and CHIVALRIC. The last didn’t come to mind once. I’m sure Calah feels great about that.

There were some I definitely should have gotten (ARCHAIC, ARIA, LIRA), one I am unhappy about because I think I’ve missed it before because I don’t think of it as one word (RAILCAR), and one that I must have missed before.

ARIL: It’s the extra seed-covering that has stuff around it. Like you know how you when you eat pomegranate seeds there’s that fleshy part? You have to crack open the pomegranate fruit to get to these fleshy parts that are called arils.

Final score: 42 words for 134 points.
Genius minimum: 123 points.
First word: GLAMOUR
Pangram: GLAMOUR

Note on the pangram: When I was a copy editor for the SMC Corsair (and Lauren was winning the ACES Headline Contest more than once while at the Daily Bruin), I read the AP Stylebook. In it, it clearly stated that glamour always had U in it. Of course, glamor without it also was in this puzzle. But not a pangram. So take that!

Not in word list: MARALAGO, ARMORALL

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