Remember how the world was at about 4pm Friday?

How’s everyone doing right now? This post is set to publish at 10am but was written at about 4pm Friday.

Here’s a blast from the past:

Joe Biden leads Georgia by 4,224 votes!
Joe Biden leads Pennsylvania by 16,041 votes!

As of writing, there aren’t lots of sirens going around Los Angeles. The West LAPD radio is pretty quiet. Nothing is unusual. Other than that it’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. That is to say last night and today by the time this posts.

While I won’t be able to post during Shabbat, I have a full panel of information up that refreshes every few minutes.

My sources are:
Los Angeles Times Left-Center
Washington Post Left-Center
New York Times Left-Center
Wall Street Journal Right-Center
CNN Left
Fox News Right
Deutsche Welle Left-Center
BBC Left-Center
NHK Right-Center
Donald Trump twitter
Friends’ Discord

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