Trump’s best chances of still winning are to resign

Now that he’s lost the election, he can pout a little more, but that should end quickly if he’s thinking about his future. You know, as a businessman. Forget about this refusal to transfer power peacefully. It’s foolishness.

And it doesn’t help that his bold campaign promise that nobody would hear about Covid-19 after November 3 was undermined by Mark Meadows who picked a really bad time to test positive.

Instead, he should resign. Not today because he needs time to show how much of a victim he is. He should wait till, I don’t know, Wednesday?

And here’s why:

Self- and Base-Preservation

He should make Mike Pence the 46th POTUS so that Pence can pardon him like how Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon. Not only will that be good for Trump, the likely recipient of “Lock him up!” chants that he pretty much brought on himself, but he can do this while claiming to be saving the American people. He can continue to rail against his opponents.

You can imagine tweets like: Crooked Dems like Shifty Schiff and Nutsy Pelosi and AOC+3 are ABUSING their power to go after YOUR PRESIDENT for NO REASON! WHERE WAS THE INVESTIGATION INTO CROOKED HILARY? HUNTER BIDEN???? THE POLES SHOWED I WON! BY A LOT!

And then when he resigns and gets Pence to pardon him, the story can be that he doesn’t have to be a criminal to be pardoned. After all, he pardoned Susan B. Anthony. (Also I just learned that the Susan B. Anthony Museum told Trump to peddle his pardons elsewhere. Go them!)

The Rest of the World Has Moved On

Very, very quickly, European leaders like Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson congratulated Joe Biden on his win. And Trump still hasn’t conceded. They’re not waiting for that. They just straight-up don’t agree that Trump can win a legal battle that would allow him not to have to pack up his stuff.

By stepping down and letting Mike Pence take office, transfer of power can happen and, likely, in a civilized way. The benefit of such a transfer is that Pence can learn what to do because the experts will have a voice. That is to say that when they teach Joe Biden stuff, Pence can be a fly on the wall and gain knowledge. He can lead the country by more than whatever just comes to his head.

He Has Much to Lose

He’s said over and over that nobody is more pro-law enforcement than he is. He doesn’t even care if someone is convicted yet. That someone is being arrested is enough for him to recommend that police officers not to “be too nice.” It’s gotta suck to be on the other side of that, right?

It’s widely reported that he’s vulnerable to all kinds of criminal prosecution after the leaves office. Even if they don’t get anything to stick, he may be out the legal fees. And I’m not an attorney, but if I were an attorney, I’d only want to have a client who is likely to pay his bills. And that’s not Trump.

And while he should be able to raise funds if he needs to hire good lawyers, his lenders don’t even want to deal with him anymore.

Resign on Wednesday

It’s not so bad. And it’s way better than being beaten up by the people who had your back for so long:

TFW your support goes from a lot to well down under. Also literally hat in hand.

It’s the smart thing to do. For Trump and for America. Yeah, I know that if he avoids prosecution that that would rob everyone else of seeing that happen. But if we can get rid of him this week and be like the Chilean coal miners rising from the depths, we can all move on. Our lungs a little blacker, our eyes needing to adjust. But the healing can begin. I think that’s better.

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  1. danielwalldammit

    I doubt Trump could ever accept defeat. He could make a strategic retreat but only if he saw it as a means to come back and get even. Otherwise, he will hang on till he figured out how to take the whole nation with him.


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