NYT Spelling Bee 11-8-20 final

I tried for Queen Bee today. I think I got close, but I don’t yet fully know. But I’m quitting now, so I might miss by one. I got Queen Bee yesterday… kind of. I’ll elaborate.

Yesterday I got caught up in things and scrambled toward the end of the day to get to genius level. I wasn’t too far off. My real score was 45 words for 112 points. That was just shy of genius. Sunday started, and that was the end of my genius hopes.

Or was it?

In reality, absolutely it was. I care to solve things legitimately. This is a game that I not only like to solve by myself but set this to post at close to midnight so I don’t ruin anyone else’s game. ICYW, it’s 10:42pm right now.

But with the Spelling Bee active on my computer, I opened the app. The computer puzzle was stuck in the past. The phone was in the present. I clicked on Yesterday’s Answers and saw the words I was missing. I then entered the missing words on my computer. I was pretty sure that either they wouldn’t register or that they would but that it would be too late, and the Yesterday’s Answers sections would not overwrite to show that I had gotten every answer.

So imagine my horror when I found that not only did I get Queen Bee

This is an unearned Queen Bee badge.

but that the Yesterday’s Answers section was overwritten to reflect Queen Bee status. Below is what I really missed:

NOODGING: The action of pestering or persistently complaining. This is a good word for me to know.
CODON: A sequence of three nucleotides which together form a unit of genetic code in a DNA or RNA molecule.

While writing this blog post I figured I ought to let the NYT Spelling Bee folks know about this flaw. I sent them an email. Of course I’m not going to hear from them immediately, but oh I just got an autoreply that they don’t care about suggestions for words. The autoreply recommended that I email the overall puzzle email address, which I’ve now done. The autoreply from that included a ticket number. I’ll let you know how that works out.

And for today:

Final score: 52 words for 199 points.
Genius minimum: 160 points.
First word: EGAD

Special note: Calah says she opened the puzzle today, found PEDAGOGY, went on with her day without looking back. It’s fun to find the pangram first.

Notable omissions: DOEEYED, DOGEYED, POOED

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