NY Spelling Bee 11-11-20 final

The streak continues! Three days straight of a no-genius finish. With a stuffy head (I swear it’s allergies?) and heavy heart and my eyelids fighting gravity to get this out before midnight, I bring you this blog post.

AROAR is a real word. They have left it out in the past, and it’s not in this one.

Yesterday I missed some real easy ones.

CHILDHOOD, wait, that’s it. I thought the list would be longer.

CICHLID: A freshwater fish of a large tropical family (Cichlidae) which includes the angelfishes, discuses, mouthbrooders, and tilapia. I’m never going to remember this.
GODHOOD: Divinity? I’m guessing it’s next to CLEANHOOD.
HOODOO: A run of bad luck associated with a particular person, group, or activity.

And for today!

Final score: 35 words for 114 points.
Genius minimum: 159 points.
First word: DRAGON
Real first word: PORN

Lived out in Mayfield with my grandpop

Missed opportunity: AROAR

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