Musings on Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th thoughts as written on the day. The world may look different now than it did at 4pm Friday as I write this, but here are thoughts from the past, posted at 10am PT Saturday.


It’s Friday the 13th! And it’s the last Friday the 13th of 2020. March also had a Friday the 13th. Remember that notification of the California lockdown was on March 16 (the night of my accepted proposal to Calah), effective the next day. So what are we going to find out on Monday, November 16?

Keep in mind that 2020 is a leap year. We weren’t even supposed to have Fridays the 13th in March and November, since February had Friday the 12th.

In a normal year, the combinations of Fridays the 13th are
-January, October
-February, March, November
-April, July
-September, December
and there’s only ONE Friday the 13th if it appears in May, June, or August

But in a leap year, things go weird:
-January, April, July
-February, August
-March, November
-September, December
and there’s only ONE Friday the 13th if it appears in May, June, or October!

And every year there’s at least one Friday the 13th.

2020 would have been one of those years. February’s Friday the 12th would normally mean August had a Friday the 13th. And that’s it. But nope! In true 2020 fashion, we got two.

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