NYT Spelling Bee 11-18-20 final

After much headscratching and staring, I gave up on trying to find the pangram. And like all good things in life, the more you decide to ignore them the more they appear when it’s convenient for you. I think that’s the lesson here, right?

(I have a feeling that when Calah reads this, I’ll be the subject of what must be her testing out this theory.)

Yesterday I missed some easy ones like EACH, HALE, HAVE, HENCE, HENNA, and LECH.

I had never seen HALVAH end in an H.

Then there were the unusual/new ones.

CHANCEL: The part of a church near the altar, reserved for the clergy and choir, and typically separated from the nave by steps or a screen. Of course!
HELVE: The handle of a weapon or tool.

So after I decided to hang it up with 100 points, I took another look and knocked a bunch more out. Now I have no idea what I missed for Queen Bee.

Final score: 39 words for 140 points.
Genius minimum: 105 points.
First word: ELBOW
Pangram: NOBLEWOMAN <-I know, right?!

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