NYT Spelling Bee 11-19-20 final

Hello from Day 1 of the current Los Angeles curfew! I almost missed writing this Spelling Bee post for reasons that you’ll read about in this upcoming Tuesday’s woodworking blog post. I like that I have a special Tuesday series. I write it Monday or something and set it to post at 10am Tuesday.

But you’re here to read about the Spelling Bee, so I’m going to stick to that.

I found today’s pangram as the second word. Big change from yesterday when I felt I’d never find it. You know, until I did find it. But it got close.

The word NEGGING was not in word list.

It’s so meta!

I literally got out of bed to go to my computer to take this screenshot and post it minutes into the Spelling Bee’s release. It got pretty good response, so that says a lot of good things about the people out there.

Yesterday I only missed two words. I should have gotten melon, especially because Geoff Mellon is recently a father to yet another kid (mazal tov to him), but also because it’s a word I know.

On the other hand, I never would have gotten
NEWELL: The central supporting pillar of a spiral or winding staircase.

Today started easy but then got to dragging. Fought through to the end and satisfied with the result.

Final score: 26 words for 136 points.
Genius minimum: 122 points.
First word: EXPUNGE
Breakthrough word: UNPEGGING

Oh snap! Update! I realized ENNUI is a thing.
Final final score: 27 words for 141 points.

Second update! If ENNUI then INNIE!
Final final final score: 28 words for 146 points.

Missed opportunities: NEGGING, NEXI (plural of nexus?)

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