NYT Spelling Bee 11-20-20 final

Ahhh the penultimate 20th of 20. Today’s spelling bee was kind of a rush job for me, so I wasn’t going to push too hard.

Yesterday I missed some words I shouldn’t have. Chief among those is GENII. If you’re familiar with magic publications, you will recognize this immediately. But I didn’t while I was doing yesterday’s spelling bee. I’m disappointed in myself.

Ones I keep missing: NINEPIN, PENNE, PIGPEN,

GIGUE: A lively piece of music in the style of a dance, typically of the Renaissance or baroque period, and usually in compound time. I must have missed this before, and I’m nearly completely certain that I will miss it the next time. It may prevent me from getting Queen Bee. But that’s how it goes.

There was a word today that I was really annoyed was left out, given what else was there.

ALOHA, Hawaiian for hello/goodbye, was included. MAHALO, Hawaiian for thank you, didn’t make it to the word list. Classic 2020. Thanks, but no thanks!

Final score: 50 words for 153 points.
Genius minimum: 153 points.
First word: ALOHA

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