NYT Spelling Bee 11-22-20 final

Hello from the fourth night of the current California COVID curfew!

I decided to quit after getting to genius level today because I was happy to get where I got. A Y in the middle without an L certainly makes for a tougher spelling bee.

As I wrote my blog post yesterday–a thing I do usually when I finish the puzzle–I wrote about the BAOBAB tree. I realized only later that BAOBAB appeared two days in a row. So I missed it two days in a row. I also missed NABOB.

AEON: The dumb spelling of EON. And more chances to point out that AEON is fine, but AROAR is not fine.
JOJOBA: An oil extracted from the seeds of an American shrub, widely used in cosmetics. I have little doubt that I will forget this. Like I forget the BAOBAB tree.

Final score: 18 words for 89 points.
Genius minimum: 88 points.
First word: ANNOY
Last word: YAPPY
Missed opportunity:

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