NYT Spelling Bee 11-25-20 final

Hello from Day 7 of the California COVID Curfew. I heard on the radio that there’s a party going on somewhere off Coldwater. Valets and everything. Blocking traffic. Lots of people calling the police to complain about it.

Today’s puzzle was rougher for me than it should have been, according to Lauren. She was completely right. My mind was just foggy on this one.

Yesterday I missed GLEE, GLUT, GUILT, GULLED, LIEGE, and I probably shouldn’t have.

But then there were these:
GELEE: The accented gelatin dessert that I never remember.
GELID: Icy; extremely cold. Like how it is in LA right now. Low of 49 tonight. Low of 45 tomorrow night. There aren’t enough smartwool socks in the world for that kind of gelid air.
GIGUE: A lively piece of music in the style of a dance, typically of the Renaissance or baroque period, and usually in compound time. And when it’s over, they announce, “The gigue is up!”
GLUTEI: Two or more of the three muscles in each buttock which move the thigh, the largest of which is the gluteus maximus. I work on mine almost all day.
GLUTTED: Fully satisfied.

As for today, I had so many thoughts that weren’t recognized words.

Final score: 40 words for 172 points.
Genius minimum: 165 points.
First word: FICTION
Final word: NONFICTION, and I’m chuckling at how I started off with faking it and ended it straight-up.
Wishlist: Enya’s ORINOCO flow


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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