NYT Spelling Bee 11-28-20 final

Hello from Day 10 of the current California COVID curfew!

In a pretty cool milestone for me, my blog now has 40 followers. Thank you to all who read my musings. If you like what I write, please encourage your friends to read this, too. If you don’t like what I write, please encourage people you detest to read every single post of mine.

There were some words that I likely would have gotten if I weren’t in such a rush: DEEPENED (I had gotten DEEPEN), NEED, NEEDED, NEEDLE, NEEDLED, NENE (I keep waiting to do HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUA’A), NOODLE, NOODLED, and OLDEN.

I probably would not have gotten DONEE or ODEON.

There were no new or confusing words in this one, but there were a lot of words overall.

As for today, there was a glaring omission that would have been my first word.

Really, really sad. This is how the Spelling Bee started off for me today.

Final score: 37 words for 141 points.
Genius minimum: 139 points.
First word: FOLATE
First accepted word: OFFAL
Other tweet:

Of course FATALE by itself wasn’t in the word list, but FEMME was.

How could I not give a shoutout to Calah upon seeing this? She replied with really the only appropriate gif, so I’ve got that going for me, too.

Going back to watching Crash Landing on You now, so I’ll see you tomorrow for the Sunday crossword and Spelling Bee!

Good night!

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