NYT Spelling Bee 11-29-20 final

Hello from Day 11 of the current California COVID curfew!

This one was quite a slog. Really just tough to get through this one. The crossword puzzle also seemed interminable. I decided to call this one without getting to genius earlier this evening.

Of course I then continued to try because I really wanted to get to genius level. I got a few more words, but it wasn’t enough.

I mean it totally was enough for me. My brain is gone.

Yesterday some easy ones I missed were: ALOFT, FLEE, FOAL, FOOL, LEAFLET, LEFT, LOFT, TAFFETA.

I disagree with the words FALLOFF, FLATFOOT.

I don’t think I ever would have found FELLATE on my own.

My issue with the inconsistencies with A-words includes AFLAME that I missed but was on the word list. AROAR wasn’t a possibility here, but that’s a word that has yet to get the respect it deserves.

But then there are the ones that are still new to me.

FETTLE: Condition. From etymonline: “condition, state, trim,” c. 1750, in a glossary of Lancashire dialect, from northern Middle English fettle (v.) “to make ready, fix, prepare, arrange” (late 14c.), which is of uncertain origin, perhaps akin to Old English fetian “to fetch” (see fetch (v.)); perhaps from Old English fetel “a girdle, belt,” from Proto-Germanic *fatilaz (source also of German fessel “fetter, chain,” Old Norse fetill “strap, brace”), from PIE *ped- (2) “container” (see vat). Related: Fettlerfettling.

I’m way too bleary-eyed to continue to look at this.

Final score: 44 words for 188 points.
Genius minimum: 207 points!
First word: ANIMATE
Pangram: AMBIENT
Tweet explanation:

Maintenant is the French word for now.

So it’s looking for now in all the wrong places.

It made me happy to write this, and it seems like I’m not the only one who tries some French words when the letters ask for it.

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