NYT Crossword 12-2-20 Complete

A Wednesday with a few errors but completed before going to bed. I oil my butcher block cutting boards on the first of each month, so I took the time to complete this after playing board games remotely with friends and the block oil was soaking in.

I pulled out 62A Vegas casino beside the Bellagio: ARIA because it’s about time they gave another clue for ARIA. I know they do that from time to time, but it’s a chance for me to voice that thoughts of Vegas are a nice change of pace, and anyone who knows me knows how infrequently I feel that.

17A Classic 1960 platinum-selling Miles Davis album: SKETCHESOFPAIN
This one was holding me back awhile. I had it in as SKETCHEROFPAIN, which would have been fine for the clue Uncomfortable platform for a Miles Davis album?
29A Small stones used for driveways: PEAGRAVEL
43A Spirit of the age: ZEITGEIST
55A “Like … now!”: RIGHTTHISSECOND

60A Type of food whose outsides are suggested by the outsides of 17-, 29-, 43- and 55-Across: FRUIT

Not so bad.

Took me 16:10 to get this one right, and my butcher block cutting boards are looking great.

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