NYT Crossword 12-4-20 Complete

It took two people to write this puzzle, and it took two people to complete it. Man, this one was really rough. But I didn’t give up!

I pulled out 37A 6-9 months?: SUMMER because that answer fit, and I didn’t understand. If it were the LA Times crossword puzzle, it would make sense. We have almost exclusively summer here. But New York?

I realized that it wasn’t talking about the duration of the season but that it will be summer during the three-month period that starts in six months.

I would not have been able to finish today’s puzzle if Calah had not filled in some of 17A Tending (to): MINISTERING. She said the answer without hesitation, and I asked her why that would be the answer. “Because that’s what it means. You minister to someone. You tend to them.” Can’t argue with that.

For 19A Makes a splash, I had written FLOPS. Because belly flops make the loudest splashes, especially when you include the “OOH!” from everyone and the “AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!” from the newly red would-be diver. But it turned out to be PLOPS.

Final time: 1:14:19. Better than a DNF.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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