WSJ Crossword 12-7-20 Complete

And we’re back to doing the Wall Street Journal puzzle! I’d forgotten how fast the WSJ Monday is. It’s pretty fast.

I decided to pull out 15A Piano practice piece: ETUDE. Initially I had put in CHOPS. Then SCALE. I had taken piano lessons as a child, but it didn’t take. I hadn’t gotten far enough to get to know the word etude. It would have come in handy today.

The title of this puzzle is Shake It Up, and it became evident what that meant.

17A Laundry room fastener: CLOTHE(SPIN)
25A City and its surrounding region: MET(ROAR)EA
51A Bombers and fighters: (WARP)LANES

35A 1964 Beatles hit, and a hint to the circled letters in this puzzle: TWISTANDSHOUT

SPIN and WARP go with TWIST.
ROAR and YELL go with SHOUT.

Not so bad, but it was kinda lame.

Finished this one in 5:10.

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