Woodworking: End table refinishing project (part 7)

Note: This is the final part of this end table refinishing project series, but the Tuesday woodworking series will continue.

I left off the prior post in this series with buying a couple blocks of wood from House of Hardwood to make room for the hanger bolts installed in the legs.

I mapped out the holes for the mounts and the holes to attach the blocks to the table.

My first attempt turned out to be a little janky, but I sorted it out the second time around.

Before I attached the mounts for the legs, I checked them against the legs themselves. The last thing I needed was to put on new mounts and have those not work.

I don’t even want to think about the guaranteed misery of finding this out too late.

I had a thought that I could turn it into a three-legged table by moving one mount in the front to the middle. It would be like the Reliant Robin of tables. I think it would have looked pretty cool and totally in mid century modern style.

I think it would have been stable, but Calah advised that it was best to wait for a mount that was manufactured properly.

So wait I did. And finally the fourth mount came.

I rebuilt the entire table and placed it over my subwoofer because it fits nicely under that table.

Look at that!

It’s a far cry from what I started with.

I may be biased, but I think it’s a major improvement, and I’m happy to announce that it’s now where my remotes live. No more losing them in the couch. No more wondering where they are.

The next series is about a piece of furniture I built from scratch. I started it in woodshop class and finally completed it.

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