NYT Spelling Bee 12-12-20 final

Hello from Day 24 of the current California COVID constant curfew. And happy third night of Chanukah!

Pretty quick puzzle. Didn’t try for Queen Bee, as I had more fun finding things that aren’t there. Don’t let the image above fool you. That’s the app being stupid. I closed out the app. I restarted my phone. I cleared the app’s cache. I restarted my phone. No dice. So yesterday’s 22 words and today’s 42 make 66. The points don’t foot, but it’s close, so it must be accurate. Alternatively, today’s Queen Bee total is 66 words for 249 points. I don’t know, but I hope they fix the app soon.

Yesterday I didn’t miss as many as I thought I would have. Somehow I missed ITTY. I also missed VITALITY.

Meatier misses

OLIO: A highly spiced stew of various meats and vegetables originating from Spain and Portugal. Don’t forget that they omit TORTA and HORCHATA with are from this continent.
TALI: Plural of TALUS, the large bone in the ankle that articulates with the tibia of the leg and the calcaneum and navicular bone of the foot.
VIOL: A musical instrument of the Renaissance and baroque periods, typically six-stringed, held vertically and played with a bow.

Today’s summary

Final score: 42 words for 172 points.
Genius minimum: 172 points.
First word: BOROUGH
Pangram: BROUGHT

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