WSJ Crossword 12-14-20 Complete

A surprisingly long Monday for me. Sometimes WSJ Mondays are surprisingly short. Sometimes the opposite. At least there weren’t clashes with the NYT puzzle today.

I pulled out 69 Online arts and crafts marketplace: ETSY for two personal reasons. The first reason is that my Etsy shop has been up and running and has some pretty cool stuff that includes origami dinosaurs that I’ve folded and #raabidfun T-shirts. The second reason is that Calah soon will be opening up her own Etsy shop where she’ll sell her handmade crocheted and knitted items. She will have her own post about that when she launches her store.

Today’s puzzle’s title is Nothing Left.

I just now understand this.

17A Cause for Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer: GAYRIGHTS.
30A Composes a celebrity memoir, say: GHOSTWRITES.
46A They may be responsible for some long lines: PLAYWRITES.
61A Priest’s duty, and a fitting final answer after 17-, 30- and 46-Across: LASTRITES.

RIGHTS, WRITES, WRITES (again), and RITES. Nothing LEFT.

Sloppy to have a duplication of WRITE, but this comes from the same publication that allowed the seemingly stream-of-consciousness rant condemning the incoming First Lady for using her doctorate degree to call herself Dr. Jill Biden to make it to press. That it didn’t get spiked is absurd. Like the next thing that guy is going to write will be about how Trump was right on when he told Joe Biden not to use the word “smart,” because this piece has just proved that Jill Biden isn’t smart. And comparing her earned doctorate to honorary doctorates? Huh? It’s so weird. The wisest part of the whole thing was that he insulted Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers. Each has an extremely talented writing staff, and both are very watchable. I’m looking forward to seeing if they tee off on him or opt not give him any additional attention. Had he mentioned John Oliver, he’d certainly have been the subject of thorough research to provide for a 10-minute, profanity-laced takedown.

I finished this puzzle in a slow 18:31. The timer continues to run even after the puzzle is solved.

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