NYT Spelling Bee 12-15-20 final

Hello from Day 27 of the current California COVID constant curfew. And happy sixth night of Chanukah!

Yesterday I missed the easy ALLAY, LOCI, LOCO and OLIO.
Slightly tougher were ACYCLIC and LAICAL,

Meatier misses

AMYL: Chemistry The straight-chain pentyl radical —C₅H₁₁. Because modifiers make tons of sense to have in the word list.
CALLA: Either of two plants of the arum family.




CLOACA: Zoology A common cavity at the end of the digestive tract for the release of both excretory and genital products in vertebrates (except most mammals) and certain invertebrates. Specifically, the cloaca is present in birds, reptiles, amphibians, most fish, and monotremes.
ILIAC: Relating to the ilium or the nearby regions of the lower body.
MOIL: Archaic Work hard. Like, what?

Today’s summary

Final score: 25 words for 106 points.
Genius minimum: 106 points.
First word: ARMOR


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