NYT Spelling Bee 12-17-20 final

Hello from Day 29 of the current California COVID constant curfew. And happy eighth night of Chanukah! Tonight we lit nine candles, and tomorrow we’ll just light two. You know, for Shabbat.

Yesterday’s easy misses were EDDY, LADY, TEDDY, and YELLED.

Tougher was ELATEDLY.

Meatier misses

ALDEHYDE: Chemistry An organic compound containing the group —CHO, formed by the oxidation of alcohols. Typical aldehydes include methanal (formaldehyde) and ethanal (acetaldehyde).
DEADEYE: a rounded wood block encircled by a rope or an iron band and having holes to receive the lanyard that is used especially to set up shrouds and stays.

Deadeye, tho..

EYETEETH: Canine tooth, especially ones in the upper jaw. I will forget this one for sure.
LAYETTE: A set of clothing, linens, and sometimes toiletries for a newborn child. That’s a lot of stuff! I thought the #raabidfun onesies were enough!
TATTY: informal Worn and shabby; in poor condition. Like tattered?

Today’s summary

Final score: 26 words for 112 points.
Genius minimum: 111 points.
First word: GENOME
Word that pushed me over to Genius and found almost immediately by Calah: GNOME. I understand that I had gotten GENOME to start out and had missed GNOME entirely. Good thing for Calah!

This could have been received better. I’m still proud of it.
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