WSJ Crossword 12-18-20 including contest guess

I didn’t realize until this week that I hadn’t attempted the WSJ Friday puzzle. The extra step of the contest was brought to my attention by Kate, so thanks for that! I feel like my contest submission was pretty solid, and I’ve scheduled this post to publish at 9pm on Sunday, which is right after the submission window closes.

I’d finished this puzzle in less time than the 25:35 shown in the screenshot. But I don’t even know if my puzzle answer is correct, as WSJ doesn’t congratulate for Fridays.

I pulled out 66A Divided Peninsula: KOREA because I’ve gotten on the K-Drama train. I’ve watched Crash Landing on You in its entirety. I’m now through 11 of the 16 episodes of Start-Up. I tried Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, and I got through two episodes and change, but I couldn’t do more than that. The gateway show to the K-Dramas was Canadian sitcom Kim’s Convenience. Then it was on to the aforementioned shows my mom had recommended.

The puzzle’s title was In Bed by 9.

This seems like taking yarn to link newspaper clippings on a bulletin board.

Now for the likely incorrect contest answer: ZEROES.

Just as conspiracy theory-ey!

I saw that there were an unlikely number of Z’s in the grid. There seem to be a lot of O’s and a lot of letters of ZERO (as if there are so many words with Z’s), so with a six-letter word as the answer to the contest, I went with ZEROES.

What’s better than being wrong? Being wrong in public!

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