NYT Crossword 12-27-20 Complete

This one was a doozie. But I finally finished. I have a fun one to pull out because it was hard for me to be convinced away from it.

7D Snapchatter’s request: ADDME. I was certain–CERTAIN–it was NUDIE. Of course, it wasn’t. The answer does not make sense. My answer does. That’s been what people have said about the company since its inception, and Random wrote about it in TechJunkie this summer.

The title of this puzzle is Partnerships, and this was a source of credibility for the conclusion that NUDIE was the correct answer.

23A Law partners: JUDGEANDJURY. No executioner, though.
39A Silent partners: PEACEANDQUIET. The dream.
45A Writing partners: PENANDPAPER. I interviewed at a place once that wanted to get an understanding of my accounting acumen and gave me a test that was pencil and paper. It’s so slow compared to using computers, and the pace of the office seemed to match. Employment there was not to be.
64A Partners in crime: BREAKINGANDENTERING. My dad got me a book called A Burglar’s Guide to the City, and in it, there is discussion of what breaking actually is. That leads to a point that if it’s crossing a doorway, what happens if the doorway doesn’t have a top? Crossing through a garden gate is breaking, sure, but how tall does the fence have to be? Three feet? A foot and a half? An inch? Less? It continues down that path. Interesting food for thought.
82A Business partners: BOOMANDBUST.
89A Romantic partners: HUGSANDKISSES.
110A Domestic partners: ROOMANDBOARD. Reminds of the Mitch Hedberg segment about the Chair Lunch Dinner

Finished this one in 53:30.

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